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Corporate Offices:
  • 8900 Sovereign Row
  • Dallas, Texas 75247

Manufacturing Facilities:
  • 615/323-7233
  • 800/822-5376
  • Fax 615/323-0906
  • 125 Kirby Road
  • Portland, Tennessee
  •    37148-8816



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The Phillocraft Story

Production/Cutting Tables Phillocraft is a leading American manufacturer of industrial tables, work tables and ergonomic workstations. In addition, we manufacture a complete line of ergonomic seating. We also carry a wide variety of accessories for each of our products. Phillocraft is a major provider of cutting and material handling tables for the garment industry.

The Phillocraft design and manufacturing process has two major points of emphasis: relationships and ergonomics. Our team, with many years of experience in the industry, understands the worker's task environment: what steps are involved in performing the task, what is the worker trying to do at each step, what is the physical relationship between the worker and the work surface, what tools will be needed and how to best make them available, etc. We also strive to make the worker as comfortable as possible with our ergonomic design of workstations, seating and industrial tables. Our lighting accessories are designed to provide good illumination of the task area. Our concern about relationships extends well beyond the design and manufacturing processes -- our relationships with new and returning customers are of prime importance to us.

The Phillocraft reputation for a quality product comes not only from the attention to craftmanship in the manufacturing process, but extends backward into the innovation applied throughout the design process, and forward to the friendly customer service before and after the sale.

Phillocraft products are sold exclusively through our network of over 600 Authorized Distributors. Please contact our Sales department for information about an Authorized Distributor in your area.

Significant Dates/Events

  • 1924 Phillocraft founded in Montgomeryville, PA.
  • 1988 Air-Tex Table patent granted
  • 1989 Facility moved to Statesville, NC
  • 1999 Acquired by Falcon Products
  • 2004 Acquired by Manna Marketing and Development Group, Inc. dba Frontier Distributers (Lew Feinberg)
  • 2004 Facility moved to Portland, TN
  • 2004 Phillocraft/Frontier acquired the assets of Lamsteel Corporation of America

Meet the Team

Lewis (Lew) Feinberg - President
Lewis (Lew) Feinberg

Starting as an Engineering Trainee in 1960, Lew worked in positions of increasing responsibility at Levi Straus until he became Director of Engineering for the Youthware Division. He designed and started fourteen new production plants and coordinated eight major plant expansions, resulting in a doubling of production capacity and realizing an annual cost savings of over $2,400,000.

At Big "D" Sewing Machine Company, Lew served as President and General Manager until 1981, where he slashed receivables by $50,000, cut aged receivables over 60 days from 51% to 15%, and raised sales from $7,000 per month to over $120,000 per month.

As the Vice President of Engineering Services at Hathaway Shirts/Division of Warnaco, Inc. from 1982-1984, Lew developed and improved the effectiveness of the Industrial Engineering Group, implementing profit improvement projects that resulted in yields of over $400,000 annually. He also implemented a re-engineering program at the New York Neckware facility, yielding in excess of $350,000 annually.

Lew acquired Frontier Distributers in 1984, where he serves as President and General Manager. Sales have increased substantially, and the latest manufacturing machines have been installed. Lew has transformed the Company from a pure distribution operation to a manufacturing/distribution operation. The Company delivers quality products in half the time of its major competitors.

Frontier Distributers acquired Phillocraft, Inc. in 2004.

Dennis W. Lane - Sales Representative
Dennis Lane Dennis has worked in the sewing industry for over 39 years. He has held managerial positions related to sales, manufacturing, personnel, payroll, shipping and receiving, and inventory control. He is currently a sales representative for Frontier Distributors and Phillocraft.

Prior to his current position, Dennis was the vice-president of Sales and Marketing at Lamsteel Corporation of America, in Hartsville, Tennessee. He was responsible for the entire sales program.
Dennis to getting into sales at Lamsteel, Dennis served as Operations Manager, where he was responsible for the direct manufacture of steel stands, table tops and work benches for OEM industrial use.
Dennis had early experience with industrial sewing equipment with Cutters Exchange in Nashville, Tennessee, where he supervised shop foremen and mechanics. With this major distributor, Dennis also supervised warehouse, shipping, receiving, and purchasing operations, as well as performing sales functions. Dennis rose through the ranks and was promoted to Assistant Manager in 1975.
Dennis has been a major player in the development of ergonomic workstations since the early '80s. He has over 20 years of design experience in ergonomic workstations and ergonomic seating.

Larry W. Guffey - General Manager
Larry W. Guffey Larry has worked in the sewing industry for over 29 years. He has held managerial positions in the areas of quality control, research and development of new products, programming CNC routers, operating pin routers and saws, and customer service. He is a former employee of King Arthur and Phillocraft.

The Portland Facility

Portland Facility The Phillocraft manufacturing facility is located at 125 Kirby Road, Portland, Tennessee. The plant is occupies over 14,000 square feet.


Examples of special engineered applications

Portland Facility Portland Facility Portland Facility


Here's a testimonial from one of our dealers:
"Why Phillocraft flotation tables ...?

  • Their quality is unsurpassed.
  • The air pockets, which are called plenums, are routed out. They are not add-ons that are susceptible to cracking, due to vibrations or contact with lift trucks. There are not 60 or more bolts to remove, if the plenum has to be replaced.
  • Phillocraft has never replaced a blower motor.
  • One customer exclaimed: '... they are the best air flotation tables, bar none.'"